1 hour and 10 minutes of Mandy’s behind Part 8

1 hour and 10 minutes of Mandy's behind Part 8
A guy wanted a multiple custom video of me shitting. 9 separate shits for 9 days!! Day 8. Such a good time I am having. I am presenting these for you here as a series. This time, I was so constipated and had to use an enema!! How did that work? There is lots of descriptive narration, stories, different locations and EXTREME close ups of my asshole and the shit. Some of the shits, I am a little constipated and others, it flows freely, but all are great shits by your shit queen Mandy!! I told him all the time he had to lick my dirty shit hole. I know you all want to do that, dont you? Also, this guy had a fetish about my fucking my asshole with a pen after I had shit and at the end of each video in the series, I prolapse my asshole for you. These are freaking awesome. Enjoy!!